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World Deaf Futsal Championships

World Deaf Futsal Championships Begin in Sweden

By William Browning, Yahoo 11/17/2011

Sweden will host the World Deaf Futsal Championships from Nov. 18 to Nov. 26 in Orebro. Sixteen men's teams and 11 women's teams will compete for the right to be called the best futsal nation in the world where all of the players are hearing impaired.

Sweden and Brazil are favorites to win as both countries have men's and women's teams in the mix. Futsal has world cup competitions on a regular basis, but this special competition is hosted by the Swedish Deaf Sports Federation.

Futsal is a cross between basketball and soccer. The rules are very similar to outdoor soccer except the game is played on an indoor or outdoor basketball court. There are only five players to a side including one goalkeeper on each end. The ball is smaller than a regulation soccer ball as are the goals.

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