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Support Loudoun Transportation Needs Survey


Support Funding for Loudoun County Transportation Needs Survey

The Loudoun County Transportation Land-Use Committee (TLUC) voted on October 19 in support of funding for a county-wide transportation survey/needs assessment, but county funding for an independent survey is still on the line.

This item will go to the full Board of Supervisors for a vote on this Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. EVERYONE is needed to help advocate for this transit study and an approximate price tag of $60,000. Show your support on Tuesday, Nov 1 at 6:00 p.m. to give public input on this in the county government center's board room.

Those who work with people severely affected by lack of transit options in the community are urged ti come out and share why this study would be so important.

Below are some points in favor of a county-wide transit study:

• While the surveys conducted through coordinated efforts of the human service networks, transportation providers, elderly consumers/agencies, Limited English Proficiency populations and people with special needs; the survey maintains limits in scope, outreach and a more inclusive sampling of western county residents, service providers and groups

• The results obtained cannot accurately map travel patterns of our region, and provide a greater understanding of how, when, why and where people travel due to the small sampling received.

• A survey conducted by an experienced, third party agency can give us (nonprofits) more current data that government agencies require and respect when applying for grants and other funds through both federal and state agencies.

• A survey conducted by an experienced, third party agency can assist all organizations involved, helping them to better understand gaps in service, barriers and improve coordination efforts between the organizations.

• Results from the survey will help pinpoint future problem areas that will arise or worsen as the metro rail projects expand to Loudoun in the coming years.

• Putting off conducting such a survey will only mean more coverage area, growth, intricate data to be obtained and an increased financial burden to obtain this kind of data, down the road

Individuals who are unable to attend can call the comment line at 703-777-0115 or e-mail to share their thoughts.