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Holiday Hearing Tips with Brad Ingrao

Holiday Hearing Tips with Brad Ingrao

The recent webinar for Hearing Loss Association of America by Dr. Brad Ingrao, also known as Doc Otoblock, is now available online. Its topic is a timely one that is well worth viewing.

Follow the link below and you’ll see a video of Brad as he speaks in a box at the top left. Slides of what he is covering are in the box to the right, and beneath that are scrolling captions of what he is saying.

Brad talks about holiday situations where the noise level is high, such as a lot of people talking at the same time and background music. He explains the greater “cognitive load” that is caused by the situations we experience on holidays such as travel fatigue, and trying to talk to many people we may not have seen for a while. All this and much more – and it’s a great link to send to the friends and family members you’ll spend time with on the holidays!

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