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Gael Hannan on “How Much Does My Hearing Aid Cost Me?”


How Much Does My Hearing Loss Cost Me?By Gael Hannan, Hearing Health Matters, 11/22/2011

I am not an economist or accountant, but it doesn’t take a degree to figure out that hearing loss has cost me and my family a mighty chunk of change through the years.Without a thorough economic impact study, it’s difficult to determine the true cost of hearing loss to individuals. It’s a moving target with many variables – income of self and family, personality, upbringing, type and degree of hearing loss, home state or province, and willingness to embrace hearing loss and adopt technology.

The saying that no two snowflakes are the same also applies to those of us with hearing loss. On paper, my audiogram may be identical to that of a dental technician in Des Moines, but how she and I function and how we cope may be completely different. But one thing for sure – we both feel the financial pinch.

For fun (kind of), I did a quick exercise to tally the cash outlay for items needed to manage my own severe-to-profound hearing loss over the past two to three years. As I added it up, two things arose – the hair on the back of my neck and the bile in my throat.

$4000 Hearing Aids

175 Extended Service Warranty

80 Batteries

150 Neckloop

50 Mileage to/from Audiologist

30 Dry-Aid

75 Door Knocker

300 Alerting System

40 Shake-Awake

200 Hearing aid compatible phone

200 Hearing aid compatible cellphone

500 New TV for better captioning

50 Consumer Group Memberships

100 Hearing Loss Information Books

Add in the available credits (available in Ontario) -1500

Total Hard, Cold Cash: $ 4,380.00!

But wait! There’s more! The above figure doesn’t take into account the time and effort – the in-kind cost – that are associated with having hearing loss. If time is money, let’s attach a cost of $1 to every 1 minute of time I spend on activities related to my personal hearing loss.

You’ve got to see Gael’s estimate of what the cost would be not to have these tools! Here it is: