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Apple TV Fix for Closed Captioning Problems

Tech of the Hub Blog on Apple TV Fix for Closed Captioning ProblemsAn October 12, 2011 article on TechoftheHub Blog reports an upgrade for Apple TV that mentions a fix for closed captioning of shows on iTunes. It also mentions the ability to display closed captioning on the Netflix app.

Closed Captions: Apple has fixed the closed caption problem for the new fall TV shows purchased in iTunes (as previously reported here). The Netflix app has also gained the ability to display closed captions. However, the implementation is very un-Apple like. The closed captioned titles are not flagged in Netflix in any way, shape or form (sounds like we need another update or the Netflix metadata needs to be fixed). To activate captions for Netflix: Start watching a movie. Press the up arrow button on the Apple remote. If subtitles are available, "Hold down Select for further options" will be displayed in the channel banner. Holding "select" (the button in the middle of the navigation arrows) will show a captioning menu. It's like looking for Easter Eggs except it's not fun. (We also found you can also just hold down "select" while viewing without bringing up the channel banner first).

Read more and see photos of the iTunes TV captions and screen shots of what you see when trying to active the Netflix captions. at Tech of the Hub Blog