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HLAA Exhibitor: Ultratec

By Bonnie O'Leary  6/29/11

Many of us are familiar with or use Ultratec’s CapTel phone, and I have been fortunate to have used both the 800 and 800i models over time here at NVRC.  I spoke with CapTel Outreach Manager, John Kinstler, who wanted me to let readers know that they provide great customer service both in English and in Spanish.  All you have to do is push the blue Customer Service button on the phone. 

The CapTel technology is evolving all the time, and now in addition to landline service, CapTel is available on the web, computers, and mobile phones.  Services are provided by either Sprint Relay or Hamilton Relay.  You can find CapTel on Facebook and Twitter, too, and John asked me to mention that they were the top sponsors for the HLAA 2010 Walk4Hearing.

What is the main difference between the 800 and 800i model?  The CapTel 800 works with standard analog telephone line(s) or DSL with appropriate filter.  Because the captions are provided by a captioning service, the person calling you must first connect with that service by dialing a toll free 877 number.  The caller will then enter your phone number and press #, and the call will go through.  The CapTel 800i, on the other hand, works like a regular phone because it is connected to the internet, so the person calling you can just call your number directly.

There is more information about the phones and the CapTel service available at, or you can contact John Kinstler at