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HLAA Exhibitor: Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)

By Marla Dougherty  6/30/11

I had a nice chat with Al Baum from Uniden who explained the new TIA standard for rating digital cordless phones. Uniden is a member company of TIA.

Not long ago digital cordless telephone manufacturers started receiving complaints from individuals who experienced noise while using cordless phones.  The noise was caused by interference when using the t-coil in their hearing aid or cochlear implant. TIA organized and supported research to determine how much noise is too much noise.  A working group was formed to establish a standard.  It included Mr. Baum as well as James Bress of AST Technology Labs and Steve Whitesell.  Working with Linda Kozma-Spytek of Gallaudet University, they developed a testing method to characterize the magnetic interference.  Data obtained by the studies was used to quantify signal-to-noise ratios.  The result is TIA’s standard to measure noise, known as the TIA 1083.  

The next time you are shopping for a cordless phone, check for the TIA-1083 compliant logo on the package. It identifies that the phone has less magnetic interference with hearing aids and cochlear implants so you get a louder and clearer signal.   Here is what you should look for on the box:

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