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HLAA Exhibitor: Audiotoniq

By Marla Dougherty, 6/21/11

A new exhibitor this year was Audiotoniq, introducing its new technology for a self-test hearing system and hearing aids. Both products will be rolled out later this fall.

In 2009, Audiotoniq was formed to give consumers an opportunity for another option to products currently available in the hearing aid industry. Many people do not receive the proper care for their hearing loss either due to lack of awareness or resources to cover the high cost of hearing aids. Audiotoniq set out to redesign the hearing aid industry’s current practices.

Testing system: The low cost self-test system is a portable device that is no bigger than a briefcase. It can be used in pharmacies, schools, doctor’s offices and emergency rooms. After adjusting the headphones, the user sits behind the computer screen and follows the prompts and video instructions for the hearing test. The device provides an audiogram and baseline hearing assessment as well as an online connection to an audiologist and Audiotoniq customer care representative.

Audiotoniq hearing aid: The BTE hearing aids will cost less than high-quality hearing aids and will be purchased online. They will offer several features and allow the user all the control. Aimed at tech-savvy, do-it-yourself consumers who prefer more control, these hearing aids are for people with moderate to severe hearing loss. More information is available on their website.