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Hearing Impaired Student Wins National Science Fair

Hearing Impaired Student Wins National Science Fair


By Amanda Kenney, FOX  4/1/11

A 6th grade student from Owego Apalachin Middle School is making his way into the science world with one interesting experiment about rust.

Fox 40's Amanda Kenney has his story.

It all started with Decker Ayers's love of sports and outdoor activities.

"I play baseball, soccer, I do biking, camping, zipline, rock climbing," said Ayers.

However, the hearing impaired 6th grader ran into a problem with his hearing aid whenever he was active.

"My hearing aid always rusts when I sweat,  so I had a problem with it and so that's where I got my idea from," said Ayers.

It was an idea that won him $500 and 1st place in the RIT National Science Fair for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students.

His experiment, Defense Against Rust,  looked at for ways to prevent metal from rusting.

"The four solutions were petroleum jelly, clear enamel, silicone caulk, and electric current," said Ayers.

After coating nails with each of the solutions, Ayers put the nails in salt-water to simulate his sweat, and waited to see if they would prevent the nails from rusting.

"The electric current made it speed up and the petroleum jelly slowed it down," said Ayers.

With no in between, Ayers figured that he may at least be on to something with his petroleum jelly results.

"I think it would help people because if they mixed it in with the metal or something that could put it in all the hearing aids nationwide, in all the companies, it would stop most of the rust," said Ayers.

Ayers knew he had to take the chance to present his idea, and will enter the competition next year and hopefully take the advance track into the world of science.

***Amanda Kenney, Fox 40 News***


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