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Manassas Battlefield

Manassas National Battlefield

This past weekend I had a chance to visit the Manassas National Battlefield with a friend.


As we were walking through the museum at the Henry Hill Visitor's Center, I noticed that the battle map program was captioned!

This is one of those big relief maps that shows you the terrain of the area, and has little lights to show you where and how the troops moved during the battle.  There's a little stand in front of it where you push a button to start the recording.  When you do, you hear a narrator tell the story and watch the lights move across the map.

To the side of the map was the caption screen, which displayed the narration as it was read.  I was surprised and pleased to see it there!

Apparently, the orientation film for the battlefield, "Manassas: End of Innocence" is also captioned.  There are hearing assisted devices available as well.

Now I'm curious as to what other parks offer these kinds of accommodations.  What has your experience been?

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