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Include CART at Graduation This Year!

Equal Communication Access Includes Captioning and CART in Education:

One Good Example? Include CART at Graduation This Year!



Why plan for inclusion of quality captioning and CART now? Let us count some of the good reasons they are needed:

  1. Learning to read
  2. Learning languages
  3. Transcripts and record-keeping
  4. Online searches and knowledge-building
  5. Equal communication access for millions of students of all ages with different hearing loss and deafness.

Captioning is our “ramp” for equal access

Too many educational materials today, e.g. videos of all sorts, do not have full verbatim captioning. Too many school events do not plan for CART (full quality real time speech-to-text provided by a professional on site, or remotely). Too many students and teachers have insufficient knowledge about this need and choice to understand the benefits of captioning inclusion

We are reaching out to you from the “Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning”. The CCAC is a grass-roots community to educate and advocate for inclusion of quality captioning universally. In existence for just over one year, the national and international membership, all volunteers, aims to energize the inclusion of captioning in many everyday places beyond television and movies. The CCAC collaborates with many established groups with larger agendas and broader constituencies. It has one theme – inclusion of captioning – because millions need it.

This year, the CCAC has a special request: we encourage school leaders to plan to include CART during graduation ceremonies on all levels. Up to fifty percent of the large audience will use it and appreciate it. A transcript of the special day will be created at the same time. Including CART will help educate all about the need for captioning in so many places. Most people with hearing loss and deafness do not use sign language. Text speaks to us all.

We invite all to join, hearing or not, deaf or not, English-speaking or not. CCAC membership is free. We aim to answer your questions, and assist in any way we can for inclusion of captioning and CART in your graduation and in education. Timely planning is suggested. While the ADA law requires captioning and CART upon request (if it is the effective communication for anyone), why wait? It’s needed now. One in seven people globally has a hearing loss.

For more information about the CCAC, see

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