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Foundation News 2011: Bush Authors a New Children’s Book, Bubbly Babysitter Beulah, for the Deaf

Foundation News 2011: Bush Authors a New Children’s Book, Bubbly Babysitter Beulah, for the Deaf

Jeb Bush Jr. and Dollar General Literacy Foundation Team Up

Contributed by Susie Bayer on Feb. 13,

Barbara Bush spurred grandson Jeb Jr.’s interest in literacy.  Yesterday, February 11th, his father, former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush Sr. and his mother, Columba, kicked off the 11th Annual Celebration of Reading (ACR) event.  The event featured the younger Bush’s new children’s book for Deaf Children, Bedtime for Bubbly Babysitter Beulah. Jeb Jr. coauthored the book with his wife Sandra.

Dollar General Literacy Foundation (DGLF) has underwritten the book.  Volunteer USA (VUsa) will benefit by receiving printed copies for its family literacy programs.  The book will be used as a literacy tool to teach literacy and sign language.  The book will also be available online this spring in English and Spanish. DGLF is a major supporter of VUsa.

Promoting literacy has been a Bush family legacy.  Jeb Jr. Claims it was passed to him by grandmother and former First Lady Barbara present for the opening of ACR in Bonita, Fla. on Friday.  Bush attributes to his ‘Granny’ the understanding reading opens doors and brings success.  His aunt and also Former First Lady, Laura Bush was on hand as well.  Laura Bush was an elementary school teacher who often appeared with children reading to them.

Jeb Bush Sr. likewise paid tribute to his parents for teaching him early the wisdom and joy coming from books.  He went on to talk about his children and the pride he felt in his children joining in the literacy movement.  As governor, Jeb Bush, in 2000 had inaugurated the first ACR event.  Retailer Dollar General was a supporter from the beginning.

The book will benefit parents who children are deaf.  A follow-up is planned for a video version in which American Sign Language (ASL) will be used to tell the story to the deaf.

Volunteer USA works to empower with communication projects hard of hearing and deaf children.  They believe that every child has the right to experience professional and academic success.  DGLF partners with VUsa for the Family Literacy Scholarship program and has contributed $1.6 million.

Dollar General has become a major American retailer of apparel, house ware and seasonable items since its founding in 1955.  It intends in 2011 to add 625 new stores and 6,000 new employees to its current 9000 stores with 79,800 employees in 35 states. It prides itself in being the largest ‘small box’ retailer.  The average store size is described as convenience store sized at 7100 sq. ft.  In 2009 DG registered a little under $12 billion in sales.

Dollar General Literacy Foundation was founded in 1993. DGLF has contributed $50 million to nonprofits who are in accord with their purpose.

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