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Food for Thought…NVRC Restaurant Survey

Through our outreach work, people often share their stories about learning to live with hearing loss.

The most common complaint by far, is how difficult it is to follow a conversation in a busy dining room or restaurant.  Is the hearing loss the cause? Could it be the soft spoken dinner companion? Or is the restaurant just too chaotic and noisy?

Well, it is probably a combination of all three and I can certainly relate. Because of my hearing loss, I often dread the thought of eating out if I’m not familiar with the restaurant setting.
Many people tell us it would be helpful if there was a resource for hard of hearing people to learn about the restaurant environment beforehand.  Therefore, NVRC would like to compile a list of restaurants in NOVA, MD and Washington DC where you, the patrons, let us know about your experience.

After you eat out, click on and tell us what you think!

Would you eat there again? Your opinion could make a difference the next time someone is looking for a good place to eat AND to enjoy a conversation. Thanks.

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