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Find Netflix Instant Watch Movies with Subtitles

NVRC Note:

Many readers have been upset that Netflix is increasing the number of movies and television shows available by video streaming through its InstantWatch service, but these movies and shows are not captioned. Meantime, Netflix has raised the cost of renting DVD and Blu-Ray disks, which individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing had previously fought to have available with captions or English subtitles. The National Association of the Deaf has pushed Netflix to change its service practices so that all individuals may enjoy the entertainment equally. Progress is being made, but it has been difficult to search and find which videos are accessible.

Now there’s a blog that lists all of the movies currently known to be available by InstantWatch that have English SDH (“subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing”) as well as silent movies and popular foreign films with open subtitles.  Below you’ll find the instructions at the beginning of the blog, before the well-organized list of movies available.  Kudos to the creator of this blog. 

Click here to see the list of movies

Netflix InstantWatch titles with English Subtitles
(for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing)
664 Titles so far!!
(includes 610 Subtitled, 1 listed as Subtitled but doesn't work, 5 Silent Movies, & 48 recommended/popular/highly-rated foreign titles with Open Subtitles)

  •  Subtitles are currently available on these platforms: Windows, Apple, Wii and PS3.  If you see a title I missed, add it to the Comments section, below, and I will add it!!
  •  Hover your mouse (arrow) over a title and you will see a description from Netflix and the option to add the title to your Netflix InstantWatch Queue!
  • "Expires:" date is when Netflix will remove that Movie/TV Title from its Instant Watch list. Dates in Bold/Red mean the Title will be expiring in the next few months.
  • TV Episodes now show how many of the episodes have subtitles (many titles only have some but not all of their episodes subtitled). I show this near the Star Rating as "10 of 12 episodes" meaning out of 12 episodes that season, 10 have subtitles. If all episodes have subtitles it will show as "12 of 12 episodes". I also have added a link to's search page (when available) showing which specific episodes in that season have Subtitles -- shown on the FeedFliks page with a CC icon.
  • Star Ratings are from Netflix's average. According to Netflix, 5 stars means "Really Loved It", 4 stars means "Loved It", 3 stars means "Liked It", 2 stars means "Didn't Like It", 1 star means "Hated It". Star Ratings are added to this page when the Title is posted and are not automatically updated (even though Netflix continually updates their ratings as more & more users rate their movies)
  • Genres & "This Movie Is:" help describe the type of movie (Comedy, Drama, etc.)
  • Titles beginning with "The" & "A" are sorted under the 2nd word (Ex: "The LXD" is filed under "L", not "T").
  • Titles beginning with numbers are sorted as if the number was spelled out (Ex: "30 Rock" is filed under "T" for "Thirty Rock")
  • Titles that have been added to this list during the past 30 days are labelled with: NEW (mm/dd) (Titles listed now show exact date added as mm/dd ex: (07/04)). Expired movies that have been brought back to InstantWatch

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