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Camp Sharp at Gallaudet – Summer 2011

Gallaudet's Speech, Hearing, Aural Rehabilitation Program

Summer Communication Program for Deaf and
Hard of Hearing Children

The Gallaudet University Hearing and Speech Center (HSC) is once again hosting Camp SHARP. The program provides an intensive, language-rich, communication-accessible, and enjoyable environment for deaf and hard of hearing children to improve their spoken language skills. The children will have opportunities to develop and enhance their spoken English skills and have their sign language skills reinforced through child-centered, play-based activities. Skill areas addressed include speech, listening, expressive and receptive language and literacy. The summer services are offered between June 20 and July 29, 2011. Limited space is available. Services and session availability are contingent upon the number of children enrolled.

Camp Features

  • Services provided by certified, licensed speech-language pathologists
  • Clinicians proficient in American Sign
  • Focus on speech, spoken language, and listening skills within a literacy-rich environment
  • Serves children age 2 years to rising kindergartners
  • Theme-based, developmentally
    appropriate activities
  • Morning sessions (8:45-11:45) with an option for afternoon childcare
  • Low child to clinician ratio
Featured in the
Camp SHARP was featured in a segment by Washington's WJLA TV.  Watch the video here.  Additionally, read more about the camp on Gallaudet's website here
Two Programs

 In order to best meet the individual needs of each child, Camp SHARP will have two programs this summer. Enhancing the understanding and/or use of spoken English is the focus of both programs.

 Program I

Program I is for children who

  • Communicate primarily in American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Do not use or occasionally use
    amplification (i.e. hearing aid or cochlear implant)
  • With amplification have a hearing level in the moderate, severe, and/or profound range
  • Age 3 years (by June 20, 2011) to rising kindergartners

Program I will run from June 20-July 1, 2011.

Program II

Program II is for children who

  • Communicate primarily in English
  • Communicate in both ASL and spoken English on a daily/regular basis
  • Use amplification throughout the day, everyday
  • Without amplification, have a hearing level in the mild to moderate range
  • When aided, have a hearing level in the normal to mild range or the mild to moderate range
  • Age 2 years (by July 6, 2011) to rising kindergartnersProgram II will run from July 6-29, 2011.

    Afternoon Childcare

    Gallaudet's Child Development Center
    (CDC), a campus childcare center, indicated that they are happy to provide service if slots are available. Typically the center services children under the age 4 years, 6 months. The tuition cost is $7.00 per hour. Parents would register and pay the pre-registration fee for their children through the CDC. More information about the CDC can be found at

    Parent Information

    Informational and interactive sessions will be conducted by Gallaudet faculty and staff. Possible topics include: Language Access - Choosing Modalities; Understanding the Audiogram; Amplification - Management/Benefits;  

  • Behavior Promotion/ Management; Cochlear Implant Mapping,and Speech, Language, and Auditory Development. Sessions are conducted in both ASL and spoken English.


    Gallaudet University is located at 800 Florida Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20002. Camp is held in the new Sorenson Language Communication Center (SLCC) pictured above.

    Parking & Transportation

    There is ample parking on campus. Additionally, Gallaudet has a free shuttle that travels to the New York Avenue and Union Station Metro stops.

    ASL Classes for Parents


    Parents may be interested in attending ASL classes through the university during the day while their child is at camp. Click here for more information.

    For More Information

    Please contact Andrea Handscomb at 202-448-6967 or



    Please click here to view Gallaudet's website